What Are Advantages of Cardboard Display Comparing with Other Material Displays?

Cardboard display is economical and practical, as well as environmental-friendly. Cardboard display can be used with different cardboard materials according to customer requirements, which cost is far lower than the wood display, iron display, plastic display and acrylic display. Corrugated display is in compliance with international environmental requirements of the organization, which is green environmental protection products, waste paper can be recovered by dissolving pulp by reengineering.

Cardboard display stand can be printed in color, which is an excellent advertising carrier. Its novel patterns, gorgeous colors, unique ideas are in line with the aesthetic point of view of consumers, and attract the attention of customers.

Bright graphics and an appealing were tied in to the header, front and side panels to attract attention and encourage interaction. Cardboard display also called a “silent salesman” and “faithful salesman” .with the help of visual art, visual information communicated to consumers, create a strong atmosphere of sales, which have a strong desire to buy. Its publicity can create corporate brand in the retailers, improve the image of the enterprise, and can create high sales.

With Lightweight, flexible and stable structure, cardboard display rack is usually made of printing paper and high strength corrugated paperboard. Usually free standing display unit is foldable, durable and easy –assemble. The most important is that carton display is far cheaper than other material display.