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This gallery highlights a few of the custom corrugated cardboard POS displays–also called point of sale displays–that we have produced for our customers. Our cardboard display stands are designed and manufactured specifically for your products. Click the categories below to view the point of sale displays and get merchandise display ideas.

custom cardboard beer display

Cardboard Floor Displays

  • Maximizing the use of existing floor space, Commonly used in most retail locations
  • Enable you to get extra stock out on the shop floor when there isn’t enough room on the shelves
  • Allow you to highlight a certain line of stock with a special promotion

Cardboard Pallet Displays

  • Big Space, products are visible on four sides
  • Simple pallet skirts to full displays with integrated trays and packaging
  • Commonly used for the storage style retailers, such as walmart, Costco,Sam’s Club etc
  • Fully assemble and pre-packed with product

Cardboard Countertop Displays

  • Get the consumer’s attention in some of the highest-traffic areas of the store
  • Commonly put table with products, such as near the register, check-out stand, one end-caps, display table or the retailer shelves
  • Ideal for POS (point of sale) opportunities in most retail locations

Cardboard Dump Bins / Case Stackers

  • Commonly used for the products with big box, such as in the beverage industry, toysand tools etc
  • Productscan be simply stacked up on the inside of the bin/case stacker
  • Graphics printed on the header and four sides of display bins to draw attention to the consumers
  • Cost-effective POP solution

FSDU Hook Displays

  • Suitable for the products which packaging has the hole or blister packaging
  • Ship be pre-packed for easy and quick setup in the store

Retail Signages / Standees

  • Easy to assemble and use, life-like eye-catching shape and graphics
  • Can made by various material, such as cardboard,grey board,KT board,acrylic board,Forex Boardetc

Cardboard Power wings / Sidekick Displays

  • Hang on the sides of an end cap display or fixture
  • Ship be pre-packed for easy and quick setup in the store

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